We Are Hiring: Project Manager and Creator - Closed

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We Are Hiring: Project Manager and Creator - Closed

What We Do

At UNUmondo our mission is to help people who move to Switzerland feel at home. We do this by coaching them in German and Swiss German outside the classroom in real life situations. We match customers and coaches based on same interests and matching personalities to make sure they feel comfortable, have fun and only learn what's relevant for them.

What we offer is fun, it works, the clients are happy and the coaches are happy too. Now we want to level up a few stars. We don't see a 5 stars but an 11 stars customer and coach experience. 

For the development and implementation of this improved experience and therefore quality we need you. 

You enjoy or want to

create the best possible experience for people, in terms of content and operations

develop various forms of support for coaches and clients

develop simple processes and implement them directly


to work in an environment that does not dictate everything and to have a lot of freedom

work relatively self-organized sometimes alone (of course not only), independent of location

plan, organise and implement

think and act in a focused, process and result-oriented manner - humans first

really connect with people

make documents user-friendly and beautiful

About UNUmondo

Enjoying working together is our top priority

You can get involved in all areas

You have very high flexibility in work, time and place

We are very personal and people-oriented

We appreciate self-responsibility

Specifically, there are two projects

Customer Experience: Improving

the accompaniment and support during the coachings

progress tracking 

booking process

product add on to support mental blockages 


Coach Experience and thus the quality of our services: Improving

training of the coaches

personal relationship with the coaches

supporting the coaches

quality assurance


communication with the coaches

smooth admin

Depending on your experience and your situation this can be an internship, a part time or freelance position.

Speaking German and living in Basel would be perfect, but there is a lot of work for which German is not needed. The Coach Experience Project requires German. But we have more stuff to do, so please do not hesitate to apply.

Please apply via this form:

We are excited to hear from you!

All the best,


P.s.: in the picture you see Larissa, the founder, and Emilia, who is unfortunately not part of the team anymore but added tremendous value when she was a team member! 

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