Discover the hidden gems of Switzerland

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Discover the hidden gems of Switzerland

In 2019, expats accounted for almost a quarter of Switzerland’s population. Most of them arrived here for work, love, study, or maybe they were simply drawn by the irresistible aroma of chocolate. No matter how and why you ended up here, one of the most rewarding aspects about living in Switzerland is its’ unique landscape. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to discover its well renowned mountains and landscapes, but we encourage you to also venture off the beaten path. And, luckily, someone already thought about gathering the best recommendations for you.

Pragati Siddhanti, who successfully juggles a career as IT Manager, her family, and blogging as her creative outlet, also found the time to edit a wonderful collection of “21 hidden gems of Switzerland”. As she puts it, “if you’re a local, tourist or an expat, if you’re planning a day trip or a longer vacation. In totality, summer or winter, autumn or spring – this travel resource has something for everyone who intends to explore the hidden beauty of Switzerland.”

With destinations rather easily accessible from Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, Geneva or Ticino, this book covers everything there is to know: from accessibility, costs, food, and accommodation to things to do and less-known facts. Its eye-catching photographs and charming descriptions will surely help you discover a new destination worthy of your travel list. For example, did you know that in autumn you can witness the cattle walk in Appenzell? I, for one, am planning to go see how the “farmers in colourful traditional garb lead their cattle either up the mountains or down into the valley. The colourful ceremonial processions are a festive occasion with farmers singing, cowbells clanging and local beverages flowing.”


Another destination that made it on my list now is Fronalpstock, whose summit opens a “360-degree panoramic view of more than 10 lakes including the scenic Lake of Lucerne, numerous mountain peaks, stunning views towards Black Forest of Germany, and the most important historical place in Switzerland -the Rütli.”


However, if you’re looking for something more "exotic" and less traditional, there’s also a "Caribbean of Switzerland" (Caumasee) waiting to impress you with its stunning turquoise waters. Hint: visit it during the winter if you want to capture its brightest colour. 

Pragati has graciously made this book freely accessible here:  Therefore, if I managed to spark your interest, take the time to visit her blog, read the book and discover at least one of these destinations. We’re looking forward to finding out if you already know any of them and which one you chose to visit next. Viel spaß!