Love german: Vitamin B

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Love german: Vitamin B

Vitamin B

  • High German: Vitamin B
  • Swiss German: Vitamin B
  • English: Good connections

If you want to find a job in Switzerland, or anywhere for that matter, you will need a good dose of Vitamin B. This has nothing to do with the vitamin B complex that help your body process fat and protein, but everything to do with the people you know who can help land you that job. So you might her, “So and so got the job because if his/her Vitamin B”. The B represents ‘Beziehung’ which translates into relationship and it really does make a difference in getting your foot in the door. So, if you live in or are moving to Switzerland, make sure to stack up on plenty of Vitamin B.


Some say (Swiss) German isn’t a beautiful (let alone sexy) language. I beg to differ. While my relationship with German has had its ups and downs, I’ve learned to love it. While (Swiss) German’s hard guttural sounds sometimes seem harsh, I found many (Swiss) German words to have deeply beautiful, even philosophical, roots. By breaking these words apart, I have not only learned to love them more, I was able to make quick associations to be able to use them.