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Discount on first mindset coaching for 1 hour
Discount on first mindfulness coaching for 1 hour

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Single Session
CHF 120.-/session

All sessions are 60 min

10 Sessions
1150.- CHF

Save 50 CHF

What you can achieve after our sessions

  • Susan had a basic vocabulary in German when she first started with us, but she hardly ever used it in her daily life. 

    After 30 sessions she is much more self-confident and courageous in using the language on every occasion. She speaks German also in spontaneous situations such as restaurants, when meeting people on her hikes, at the dentist, or makes phone calls for reservations. Her confidence to speak German increased tremendously, and she is almost perfectly able now to conduct a deep conversation.

3 Months Packages

Start with 3 months and continue on the go.


Discount on first mindset coaching for 1 hour
Discount on first mindfulness coaching for 1 hour

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Easy going - 1 session/week
1320.- CHF (110.- CHF/session)

3 months, 1 session/week, total 12 sessions

Super Driven - 2 sessions/week
2592.- CHF (108.- CHF/session)

3 months, 2 sessions/week, total 24 sessions

Unstoppable - 5 sessions/week
6300.- (105.- CHF/session)

3 months, 5 sessions/week, total 60 sessions

What you can achieve with our packages

  • After just 10 sessions, Violet cannot call herself a beginner anymore. She gained the ability to conduct a simple conversation and even improved her sentence structure. Most importantly she is much more confident now and comfortable speaking in various situations.

    After 10 sessions
  • Soon after starting with UNUmondo, Mike obtained an A2 certification but he continued improving his language skills with us. After 20 sessions he is now perfectly capable of conducting a basic conversation, and much more confident with complex topics.

    After 20 sessions
  • When Hannah joined UNUmondo, it was a big challenge for her to speak freely, make mistakes and let go of all her fears to speak German.  After some sessions and lots of positive feedback, she had already started to gain confidence and to speak more freely. Relationship and trust building with her coach helped her improve faster and become more confident. 

    After 28 sessions, she definitely progressed greatly and she had a lot of fun with her coach. She is now able to talk with her work colleagues about various business topics and her own work, can have a conversation with her children’s nanny about her family, and get around in different situations (restaurants, shops).

    After 28 sessions
  • After 40 sessions Maria gained the confidence she needed in order to speak with ease. When she joined us, she already had some basic notions of grammar and knew a few words, but wasn’t comfortable enough to apply her knowledge. With the support of her coach she gained motivation and dedication, and progressed really fast. She is now fully able to conduct a complex conversation in German, and has overcome her shyness. 

    She is still eager to improve and practice more, and continues her sessions with UNUmondo.

    After 40 sessions
  • After nine months and 70 sessions with UNUmondo, Marta went from A1 to obtaining a B2 in speaking (and A2 in writing). By having a variety of sessions at playgrounds, markets and museums, in  coffee shops and during dog walks, Marta increased her vocabulary tremendously and gained the confidence to practice German on every occasion.

    She and her coach greatly enjoyed all the activities and the time spent together, and they became close friends.

    After 70 sessions
  • Adrian has been with us for three years now and achieved all of his learning goals. After 100 sessions and some individual effort besides the coaching, he went from beginner to very advanced. He is now perfectly able to have a deep conversation in German on various topics, fluently, with naturalness and with just very few mistakes. His coach also helped him overcome his shyness and become fully confident and comfortable. 

    It’s no wonder that he continues his sessions with UNUmondo and keeps practicing and improving his language abilities.

    After 100 sessions

6 Months Packages

By the way, we also support you with passing your A1 - C2 exams. No worries, we keep the sessions as experiential as possible.


Discount on first mindset coaching for 1 hour
Discount on first mindfulness coaching for 1 hour

Please get in touch for more information.

Easy Going - 1 session/week
2400.- CHF ( 100.- CHF/session)

6 months, 1 session/week, total 24 sessions

Super Driven - 2 sessions/week
4704.- CHF (98.- CHF/session)

6 months, 2 sessions/week, total 48 sessions

Unstoppable - 5 sessions/week
11400.- CHF (95.- CHF/session)

6 months, 5 sessions/week, total 120 sessions


We can fully customize your package. 

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