Learn German in real life situations with a like-minded local coach


Enjoy the advantage of learning fast, connected with a local and totally personalised.

Daily Life Sessions

Together with your local you navigate through the ins and outs of your life in Switzerland while learning relevant language. You actually do it instead of sitting in a classroom.

Language Focused Session

Focus on your language goals exclusively with content you want, while the local provides detailed/ personalised feedback to move you to the next level.

Our Packages

Trial Session
CHF 60.-/h

1 session à 60 min

40 Sessions
CHF 85.-/ h

Total of CHF 3'400.-

20 Sessions
CHF 90.-/h

Total of CHF 1'800.-

10 Sessions
CHF 95.-/ h

Total of CHF 950.-

Our Solutions for Companies

On request - Depends on Volume

Our Employee Offer

  • Trial session
  • One on one session

Our Company Offer

  • Trial session
  • One on one session
  • Workshops
  • Coachings


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