We Teach You How To Speak German Without Classrooms, Textbooks or Endlessly Conjugating Verbs!

"The best way to learn a new language is by engaging with like minded people and have interesting conversations" – Edward Turner


What Do We Do?

One-to-one language coaching, pure and simple. We match you with one of our trained local coaches to learn German or Swiss German. 

You then meet somewhere in the city or online and we teach you real world language that is practical and relevant to you.

No textbooks. No classrooms. Nothing but real language in real life.


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"Thanks so much for the excellent advice, I now feel empowered to move forward with German! You hosted a great session and I was impressed with your patience and that you've been doing this for a while and know the ins and outs." Juan, recent webinar participant.

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What next?

Step 1

Contact us and we'll work with you to discover your personal language learning needs. 

We like the personal touch and speak to all our clients before the learning begins. We then match you with your ideal coach for your private one-to-one lesson.

Step 2

Then your coach contacts you to agree upon your meeting times – meeting whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. 

We are not regimented like schools, but we do recommend a routine when possible because habits help your brain learn!

Step 3

Now you are ready to learn! Every lesson will tackle the language goals that are important to you. 

It will include lots of communicative interaction and then some very specific language feedback that can help you make that next step forward.

What do you get out of it?

  • We help you quickly develop the self-confidence to start using the language you already know

  • You will be able to converse more in High German and understand more Swiss German

  • Some students say it's the only way they speak German for at least an hour a week

  • We help you interact more in German or Swiss German in your everyday life

  • The one-to-one coaches are very patient and approachable

  • You'll worry less about mistakes and focus more on holding an engaging conversation

More than just language classes…

Standard Language Course
Trained coaches
Application of the language
Focus on technicalities
Personalised, relevant feedback
Contact to locals

People ♡ unumondo

  • The mentors are great, they adapt their timetables to our needs and I do not feel it is just a conversation hour, it is also a friendship relation! That is great because you do not feel they are evaluating you, it is just a one to one meeting! 

    Until now all I can see is advantages, so I would recommend everybody to try it.

    From Spain in Zurich
  • I’m getting exactly what I wanted from unumondo. My main goal was to be able to converse more easily in High German and better understand Swiss German. 

    After almost 9 months and just 3 sessions per month my active vocabulary is 10x larger than it used to be and I can have spontaneous conversations just about anything. 

    From England in Zurich
  • UNUmondo is probably the best thing that happened to my German! The structure of the program means I have learnt all sorts of useful things about living locally in Zurich, and best of all, made a good friend! 

    I would recommend this program to anyone, at any stage of their language journey.

    From the US in Zurich
  • My sessions with the unumondo team have helped me tremendously in increasing my confidence to speak German. The mentors are very patient and approachable. 

    They make you feel comfortable which helps you in producing a ‘smooth’ flowing conversation. In addition I’ve also gained friends and I feel more at home here in Switzerland. Thank you!

    From Philippines in Zurich

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