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Be part of revolutionising language learning. It's all about human connection.

Are you also one of those that wants to see the world and humanity flourish on all levels and knows it is possible? Are you also an endless optimist like we are that believes, we can all be part of the change?  

We are here to contribute to such a world. How? We believe, learning to understand each other is key to more human connection, which ultimately leads to more peace. Yes, we just said that. 

And we do it the New Way (yep, that's why our company is called Nyway Gmbh). 

What do we at UNUmondo focus on? The new way of work, the new (or maybe ancient) way of connecting with others, and the new way (or just most obvious way) of learning a language.

We are mainly located in Basel and Zurich, also in other major cities in Switzerland, as well as partially online.

The UNUmondo Language & Communication Coach

Are you also naturally someone who builds bridges, who is longing to be your authentic self at work, who thrives with freedom, wants to grow personally and enjoys supporting, yet also learning from other humans and their stories?

The Situation

International people in Switzerland often stay in their bubbles sometimes for years because they find it difficult to feel really at home here. One of the reasons is that conventional German classes help to pass an exam, yet not to live life. It is usually an unnecessary grammar cramp, they learn things that are not applicable for their lives, get frustrated on the way and ultimately lack a sense of belonging or opportunities to be part of the society.

Your Job

In private sessions, you teach your learners German or Swiss German in a natural and fun way: applied in real life, outside the classroom. With beginners, you go to the supermarket, to a restaurant, to the bakery, etc. With advanced learners, you enjoy exciting activities or have conversations about your common passions and interests. You create a fully personalised language and integration experience. 

  • are an open and honest person
  • have a capacity of min. five hours a week 
  • are highly reliable
  • think outside the box
  • actually care
  • speak fluent English
  • have a very high language affinity 
  • are patient, attentive and vital
  • question conventional teaching methods
  • know Swiss culture & traditions (not in detail) 
  • are a natural at teaching
  • have lived abroad (big plus, not a must)

Become our next German & Swiss German UNUmondo Coach



The first step is to take time for the application form. We don't need your fully detailed CV nor a conventional motivation letter. We have specific questions we ask, so we can get a feeling for who you are and whether we are a match. 

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You don't have to be a coach yet, you will be trained in the UNUmondo method to become one. We foster an ongoing learning journey and a supportive environment. Everything we do at UNUmondo is always applicable to other parts in life. If you want to continuously learn and grow, this is for you.

Our Method


Human connection is one of our main pillars at UNUmondo. As you work fully independently with your coachees, we make sure everyone feels belongingness to the team. We have regular coach community calls, get togethers, trainings and simply moments of true connection. Yet the community also goes beyond just the coach team, and includes customers and just simply people who share the the same values or join our workshops & events.

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We are not only about learning the language in a more natural way, or helping others to belong. We want to set a tone for how things can be done differently - in a way that honors life. 

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sveaCoach PhilippeLarissa

Coaches ♡ unumondo

  • I like to meet people from all over the world, get to know them and accompany them on  their adventure of settling in their new environment. It is so great to see a whole new world  opening up to my customer through learning the German language. Regardless whether we  are meeting in person or online, we laugh a lot together - it is really fun to get to know each  other. But the best of all is the proud and happy smile on my customer’s face while mastering bit by bit the challenge of learning a new language as an adult! 

    Coach in Basel
  • I love being a local and am always looking forward to the German sessions. Fixing the appointments is always very flexible. We often meet for lunch, sometimes go for shopping tours for her daugher, spend time at the Limmat, meet with the family for brunch or after work beer or at the Christmas market. We also stay in touch during the week via texts to practice some German and also because we like to stay in touch.

    Coach in Zurich
  • One of the best parts of this „job“ is to interact with very interesting people and to get to know them better. Listening to their stories and being a small part of their life.

    I love to see them grow and how they get better every time.

    Coach in Zurich
  • Being an unumondo coach does not feel like work nor like teaching. It feels like supporting someone in reaching their goals while having fun at the same time. I only coach people I would anyways enjoy spending time with and I even get paid for this. Best side job ever.

    Coach in Zurich


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