What is UNUmondo?

UNUmondo is a non traditional language coaching school. We focus on real life language, natural language learning that is based on the newest scientific findings. UNUmondo aims to help you gain a better sense of belonging while living in Switzerland.

Our company focuses on you as an individual – that’s why our sessions are one on one (or max two learners) tailor-made to meet your specific language and integration needs.

Why UNUmondo?

While there are many language schools available, UNUmondo focuses on giving you the language and coaching you need in areas that match your life.

Our sessions are tailor-made for you – we learn in real life – outside of the classroom using real everyday language, not books that define what you should learn.

Are you certified?

All our coaches go through our extensive in-house training and ongoing training. They know how to bring you to your language goals without going into technicalities. No worries, you still learn grammar, but in a different way. They also know how and when to correct you so it's not frustrating and your brain can actually take it. And they know how to give you specific feedback for your personal language. Our coaches are highly specialized in their particular fields (ranging from psychology, politics and artificial intelligence to rock climbing, fashion and yoga).

Where do the sessions take place?

We have coaches in ZURICH, BASEL, BERN and LUCERNE.  Our sessions happen in real life outside the classroom. The locations depend on your needs and interests. This might be in the bakery, in the supermarket or at the local farmer's market. It may be also in a coffee place or during a stroll through the city, learning to chat about a topic you care about. The sessions can also happen online when desired. 

What is your method?

We follow a communicative approach to teaching as research clearly shows that for you to learn a language, you need to use it. For us that means focusing on your specifics: where exactly (in what areas of your life) do you need German or Swiss German? You then choose a local coach that is specialized in your field or your interests. You will learn the language in activities that match your needs and interests including integration needs (getting to know the city or anything that interests you).

How does it work?

In our first call we will work with you to understand your specific needs and match you together with an ideal coach. 

You and your coach can then agree upon your meeting times – meeting whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

Your lesson will vary depending on your needs but in general we include elements of review, lots of communicative interaction and then some very specific language feedback that can help you make that next step forward.

Each session's feedback also allows you to see the progress you made and where you still need to go. Additionally, the feedback loop will remain constant – if at any point you are not happy with your sessions or your coach, all you need to do is let us know and we will rematch you.

Do you teach other skills (reading, writing) or do you only focus on speaking?

Our goal is to match you with a local coach that best meets your specific needs and interests. Therefore, if you need to practice reading and writing, your coach will focus on reading / writing. If you need help on your business German skills, we will match you with a coach who can meet those needs. Generally we focus on speaking and understanding. Real life sometimes includes reading and writing, so it's going to be covered in some extent anyways.

What about grammar?

Grammatical patterns are essential to all languages. However, many traditional language schools and methods have the tendency to push prescriptive rules that don’t apply in real life. At UNUmondo we focus on real language in real use. And that does NOT include pointless fill in the blanks grammar exercises. You will learn grammar by a lot of language input (hearing the language), by language output (speaking it), by noticing (awareness) and interacting. Check out our golden formula.

Do we use books?

Generally, we try to use the language that is generated from your real life situations. That means, the material is also derived from your real life, for example flyers, bill boards, letters you receive from authorities, children's books to read with your kids, menu cards, receipts, invoices, magazines, etc. 

Likewise, if you just need the daily language to get by at the supermarket, our lessons will be at the supermarket and the language generated will be from that real life situation. If you are interested in a specific topic you and your coach just dive into your shared interests.

Generally, thus, there are no books. However, if you really enjoy using books, then that's what we will add.

Do you do exam training?

We do have coaches available that are highly experienced and trained in supporting you to achieve your exam goals. 

What’s a Needs Analysis?

A Needs Analysis Questionnaire is designed to better understand your needs. First, we work through this questionnaire to better understand you – and map out how we can help you reach your specific needs.

You can fill it out here and we will get in touch with you.

How do you match me with a coach?

We carefully work with you to understand your needs and your interests and then go through our coaches to find the best matching coach for you. 

How do I know how many classes I’ve taken?

You can always write or call us to get the number of classes you have already taken.

How many lessons do I need to meet my goals?

It depends. Yep, that's the answer. There are many criteria that determine the speed of your learning:

How many sessions per week you take, how much you practice outside the sessions, how present you are during the sessions, how much you enjoy learning, how well you can notice language patterns, how strong your need is to learn, etc.

What we know: it's way faster than traditional language schools. Yes, we can confidently say that, otherwise we wouldn't do what we do.

At UNUmondo we offer coaching services to help you understand how you can integrate German into your everyday life and move forward quickly. We also help you how you can profit more from all the language you are surrounded by or surround yourself more. Get in touch for a personal consultation.

How am I billed?

Once you book your sessions, you will be sent a bill through our accounting service. Payment is due 15 days after the invoice is sent.

If there are any problems with your invoice, please contact [email protected]

How do I pay?

Payment is done via bank transfer. Banking details:

Post Finance

Acc. No:   14-207070-7

IBAN:        CH11 0900 0000 1420 7070 7

For: Nyway GmbH, Zürich

Can I get a discount?

If you have very  limited financial resources, please get in touch to discuss.

What happens if I want another coach? / What should I do if I think my coach is not the right fit for me?

If at any point you are not happy with your coach / want to change your coach, just contact us immediately at  [email protected]  and we will match you up with someone new.


What happens if I don’t have a good session?

If you are unsatisfied with your session or coach, please contact our offices  immediately and we will help you find a new coach.

What happens if I need to cancel last minute?

Sessions and session schedule is to be agreed upon between you and your coach. We have a 24 hour policy, so we ask you cancel your class at least 24 hours in advance, except in the case of emergencies. Late cancellations will be charged.

What happens if I am late to a session?

Session meeting times are decided between you and your coach. Please be considerate of others and provide notice if you cannot make it to the session or expect to be late. UNUmondo reserves the right to charge for sessions that have been canceled without notice or within the 24 hour notification period.

What happens if I can’t use the sessions I booked in a certain timeframe?

Currently the packages are not time limited, this may change in the future. At the moment you will not lose any sessions. Please let the coach know when you are away for more than a week.

What do I do if I don’t want to take sessions with an UNUmondo coach anymore?

If at any point you want to stop your sessions, please contact our offices at [email protected].

What are my contractual obligations?

·       Cannot book coach personally (private agreement between you and coach)

·       Come to your sessions on time and ready to learn and have fun

·       Be open to get and give feedback

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