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Complete Focus on You, Your Needs and Your Interests.

Second language research tells us that meaningful conversation is essential for language learning. unumondo classes are all about communication! Plus, the course is designed around you and your needs – you choose your own personal local coach and apply the language directly in your life and for your interests out of the classroom.

Our golden formula

To learn a language, that's all we need: input, output, human interaction and topics that match your needs and interests. And of course most importantly: fun!



Together with your local, you will learn and use the language you need in your daily interactions. We do away with irrelevant vocabulary lists and grammar exercises that aren’t specific and focused on your daily real-life needs.



With your unumondo local, you discover your city using the language generated from these real life situations to quickly learn German. You’ll experience learning language with all your senses in your everyday life.



Because Unumondo sessions are personalized, you’ll get the maximum speaking time in your sessions and receive specific constructive feedback that will help you take the next step forward.



Your unumondo local is trained in providing detailed, specific feedback that best helps you get to that next step. In each session, you’ll have the opportunity to receive this feedback and use it time and time again to ensure you are making the next steps forward.


Why we do this

There is no better way to learn a language than experiencing it in real life with a like-minded local. Join unumondo for a faster sense of belonging in your new hometown.


Despite living in a world with cultural diversity, the contact points between locals & foreigners are few. But people have a basic psychological need to feel closely connected to others at the place they live.


To not feel foreign and communicate, we learn the new language with hours of grammar and word lists, without direct application. The studies are often horribly boring and the progress is very slow.


What we need instead is the chance to use language the way it was intended: as a tool for communication. That’s why our concept is built on having contact with a local you have matching interests with, to practice speaking, in order to build up more confidence to actually use the language and learn its structure by convenience.


Let us know what your needs and interests are and we help you find the best solution.

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