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More than just language courses.
Provide integration.

Want to decrease fluctuation of foreign employees? Not sure how to integrate your employees and their spouses into Switzerland? With UNUmondo, your employees learn to speak German, understand Swiss German, and get integrated into local communities – faster.

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Your Benefits


Reduced Assignment Failure

Due to easier integration and contacts to locals, fluctuation is reduced. Offering the service to spouses is even more effective when wanting them to stay.


Happier Employees

It’s not a secret anymore: happier employees will bring more success to your company. Using the most state of the art language learning method will motivate your employees.


Stronger Employer Brand

Want to attract the best talents? Strengthen your employer brand by showing that you care about employee development, their fast integration and their happiness, as well as for the one of their spouses.

Our Solution

Our solutions for company customers are tailor made according to your needs. Different options for partnerships are available. 

From discounts, to offering your employees and their spouses a budget for language learning to personalised partnerships:

Additional group workshops and one on one coachings on integration & belonging, mental coaching, mindfulness sessions. They all improve language learning but obviously go way deeper.

Consulting on how use existing German within the company as a catalyst for your international employees.

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Employees ♡ unumondo

  • The mentoring programme is perfect, as it is the only way I force myself to speak German for at least an hour per week. The mentors are great, they adapt their timetables to our needs and I do not feel it is just a conversation hour, it is also a friendship relation! That is great because you do not feel they are evaluating you, it is just a one to one meeting! Until now all I can see is advantages, so I would recommend everybody to try it.

    From Spain in Zurich
  • I’m getting exactly what I wanted from unumondo. My main goal was to be able to converse more easily in High German and better understand Swiss German. After almost 9 months and just 3 sessions per month my active vocabulary is 10x larger than it used to be and I can have spontaneous conversations just about anything. Swiss German is still a challenge, but the excercise of conversing regularly in High German is making me feel much more confident and motivated to dive into Swiss German. A year ago I didn’t feel this way. I also could barely hold a conversation in German for 30 minutes, after which I was completely exhausted. Now I can converse for several hours non-stop, with some effort.

    From England in Zurich
  • unumondo is probably the best thing that happened to my German! By taking me out of the traditional classroom learning environment, it helped me to quickly develop the self-confidence to just use the German I had, without getting too hung up on 100% accurate grammar and vocab. I worry less about the mistakes and focus more on holding an engaging conversation, even whilst still being a beginner. On top of this, the structure of the program means I have learnt all sorts of useful things about living locally in Zurich, and best of all, made a good friend! I would recommend this program to anyone, at any stage of their language journey.

    From the US in Zurich
  • My sessions with the unumondo team have helped me tremendously in increasing my confidence to speak German. The mentors are very patient and approachable. They make you feel comfortable which helps you in producing a ‘smooth’ flowing conversation. In addition I’ve also gained friends and I feel more at home here in Switzerland. Thank you!

    From Philippines in Zurich

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