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As a founder I have placed those pillars very early on. The purpose/the ‘why’ behind everything I do and also living in integrity and being aware of what values I live by and base my decisions upon has always been so important for me. So it was only natural to do the same for the company. These pillars function as the backbone of the company and form the base for our decisions.

Our most obvious element at UNUmondo, where you can learn German and Swiss German in real life, is learn. Our clients come to us, because they want to learn something new. Yet not only the clients. All the pillars are represented in all areas, which means, to be a good match with UNUmondo and our culture, everyone involved needs to feel excited about naturally wanting to learn and grow personally. These values are engrained not only in the company culture on how we interact with each other, but also in our product and service. All our coaches love to learn from their coachees. Our aim is to connect more of the separating societal bubbles, thus internationals should never just learn from locals, it’s always also vice versa. 

One example of how this value is rooted in our culture is that with every single feedback we receive, the first reaction from our side is to derive the lesson from it and right away integrate it. And that’s also what we embody within the team behind the scenes. The openness to see the lesson in everything is key. And it’s also about learning new skills, new perspectives, new ways of operating and doing business. The list goes on and on. There is never a finish line when it comes to learning, this is deeply rooted in our growth mindset.

What we have learned on the journey of learning is that there are also important phases where nothing needs to be learned, where it is time to rest, to integrate, and to take a moment live this new reality with the newly learned, which is often a huge lesson in itself. Not only for our clients but for everyone involved, this means, not only constantly moving forward, but also checking in where they are, see and celebrate what they have achieved and how far they have come, and very importantly, also on the language learning journey: take conscious breaks.