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Language is a tool for communication, not a set of rules to master.

We have observed that our clients' language learning journeys are never only been about learning the technicalities of a language. 

There are deeper reasons for why they set their language goals. There are subtler obstacles and blockages to overcome. 

During our workshops and trainings, we take a deep-dive into specific topics that contribute to you learning German more easily and feeling at home in Switzerland. Such events include: mindset coaching, our unique and effective UNUmondo methodology backed by the latest neuroscience and linguistic research, integration & belonging, mindfulness and attentive awareness techniques, myths and blockages around language learning and much more. 

Whether you are busy working during the day, or came to Switzerland because your partner got a job opportunity and you are figuring our how to call this place your home, you fell in love and moved here or you are looking for a job, we got you. 

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Introduction The UNUmondo Methodology

Have you struggled with German classes? Do you 'know' lots of grammar or none but don't feel comfortable using the language in real life? We got you. We do it differently. To tune in if this is for you (of course it is ;) ), you can get to know us and our methodology. 

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Language Learning Growth Mindset

“I am just not good at languages. Speaking even though I make tons of mistakes is too uncomfortable. I feel guilty for people having to speak slowly to me.”

Sounds familiar? Right from the beginning of UNUmondo we observed that it’s not the lack of language skills that hold us back from improving in the language but more often the fixed mindset that blocks us. 

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Integrate (Swiss) German Into Your Daily Life

Learning (Swiss) German can seem like a huge mountain in front of us. We all know how it is to start with something that seems enormous: we push it aside, right? 

What if you can learn (Swiss) German the easy way, what if you can learn German in your daily life with a huge effect? 

In this webinar we not only show you the importance of small steps, the satisfaction of achieving small goals, and much more, but also how to make it easy and fun, especially also when you are too busy to take sessions. 

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Wellbeing, Integration & Belonging

Learning a language is never just a skill but it improves your life. In what way depends on your specific needs. At UNUmondo we focus on learning the language as a wellbeing aspect. You learn the language to connect to other people, to feel more at home, less foreign, maybe for job reasons or permits. It is not just a skill you put on your CV. 

Particularly, we will discuss upon topics that help us integrate and feel more at home.

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Goodbye struggle: The Science, Myths & Blockages

We see you in your struggle in learning (Swiss) German. And we can show you many reasons why and how to overcome those challenges by using the UNUmondo methodology (even on your own). 

In this webinar we will introduce you to our unique Golden Formula and our methodology on how to best learn a language, backed by science. We will also show you that it is not your lack of language talent, or the language that is too difficult, but show you what beliefs and myths around language learning potentially hold you back from improving.

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Integration & Belonging

Exclusive Workshop for Spooglers

In this webinar we will describe language learning as a wellbeing aspect, we will talk about (perceived) limited access to local life, the zooming out syndrome, perspectives and assumptions of Swiss and Internationals, responsibility of proactivity, learning to be with discomfort, improvisation and much more!

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Founder, General Manager
Melanie Angerer
Adviser & Language Researcher

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