Wednesday, 24th January, 19:00 - 20:15 Online Community Event 'Gather To Belong'

Feel heard, seen, empowered and inspired.

Let’s gather. Feel empowered on your German and Swiss German journey, and make Switzerland feel like home. 

It can be rough, to feel at home in Switzerland. Yet, so many have achieved a deep sense of belonging in this beautiful country. In this event series we gather to create more human connection. Because this ultimately leads to a better sense of belonging.


Guest speaker: it's always someone who really feels at home here and shares their personal story when it comes to integration and language learning.

Group reflections: sharing personal stories, asking questions, supporting and inspiring each other.

Even though your story is deeply personal, there are always elements that others can relate to. And even if nobody can relate, feeling heard and seen is powerful in itself. Listening to others or speaking about your situation can leave you inspired and empowered.

Ultimately, it creates human connection. And that's what we are here for.

Who's this for? Anyone living in Switzerland, not having been here all their life, maybe learning German or Swiss German, wanting to feel more at home in Switzerland. 
Leave the gathering feeling empowered, motivated, more clear, and more connected to yourself and others. 

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Disclaimer: While the two facilitators don’t represent ethnical diversity, and have not experienced a lot you might have, they offer a platform for voices to be heard. 


Larissa Hämisegger and Melanie Angerer are both experienced in coaching and mentoring people one on one and facilitating transformational group workshops. They have both lived abroad, have learned several languages, and have experienced many different cultures.


Her 7 years of experience as the founder of UNUmondo gave her a deep understanding for all sorts of personal situations of people with a very diverse background. She knows the ins and outs of personal situations when it comes to language learning and belonging. 

Combined with her strong empathy, she can make you feel seen and understood on a deep level. 

She is experienced in coaching and guiding people one on one and in group settings.

She has a very profound understanding for people's behaviors and psychology, and is passionate in guiding people on their very personal journey.

Larissa Hämisegger
Coach & Mentor

Through her upbringing in a family run hotel-business she has learnt from a very young age how to make people feel welcome and safe by hosting and creating nourishing conditions for a safe space. 

Besides being the truly amazing allrounder at UNUmondo, she is a freelancer, supporting others in their projects and visions, organising & hosting events & retreats, coaching in the field of 'Mind Body Eating' and enjoys facilitating conscious movement/dance workshops. 

Her joyful and warm spirit makes you feel welcomed, inspired and never judged. 

Melanie Angerer
Coach & Mentor



Introduction The UNUmondo Methodology

Have you struggled with German classes? Do you 'know' lots of grammar or none but don't feel comfortable using the language in real life? We got you. We do it differently. To tune in if this is for you (of course it is ;) ), you can get to know us and our methodology. 

We cannot wait to see you.

Check out the next date & details on what we will cover.

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Golden Consultation in a group

The life that surrounds you is your best classroom.

There is a ton of things you can do yourself in your life to learn the language more easily. No textbooks, but real life. 

Based on the Golden Formula, we coach and mentor you on your possibilities to learn the language independently in everyday life. 

As humans we have the innate ability to learn language, yet for this ability to take effect, certain specific factors are needed. We put all those factors into one formula, the Golden Formula to effectively learn language. When you become aware of how this formula works - that's what we help you with - you can implement it into your daily life and tremendously boost your language skills. 

If you prefer a 1:1 Golden Consulation, book it right here.

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Language Learning Growth Mindset: Myths & Blockages

“I am just not good at languages. Speaking with mistakes is too uncomfortable. I feel guilty for people having to speak slowly to me. Everybody just always switches to English.”

Sounds familiar? It’s usually not the lack of language abilities that hold us back from improving in the language but more often the fixed mindset that blocks us. 

During this session we will go through the myths and blockages that potentially hold you back from improving and how you can address them to feel empowered again.

New dates will be published in early 2024.

CHF 33.- 

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Wellbeing, Integration & Belonging

Learning a language is never just a skill but it improves your life. In what way depends on your specific needs. At UNUmondo we focus on learning the language as a wellbeing aspect. You learn the language to connect to other people, to feel more at home, less foreign, maybe for job reasons or permits. It is not just a skill you put on your CV. 

In this webinar we elaborate on the limited access to local life, the zooming out syndrome, perspectives and assumptions of Swiss and Internationals, responsibility of proactivity, learning to be with discomfort, improvisation and much more!

Particularly, we will discuss upon topics that help you feel more at home.

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Founder, General Manager
Adviser & Language Researcher

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