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Language is a tool for communication, not a set of rules to master.

Can you feel a little relief when you imagine that learning a language is not about mastering the rules but actually being able to communicate and apply what you know?

Imagine, you meet your neighbour and you can easily have a conversation where afterwards you feel delighted about that short yet sweet connection you had. 

Imagine you are at a party or gathering, and it's easy for you to join in on small talks but also dive into a deep topic, confidently, expressing all of who you are

Imagine telling your colleagues, they don't have to switch to German just for you, you got this. 

Imagine playfully doing everyday life fully in German or Swiss German, having connecting chats with the vendors, feeling totally natural and at ease with it, or at least close to ;)

Imagine, feeling totally confident in applying German or Swiss German in any moment. 

Imagine feeling at home here. 

It is possible. And it doesn't have to be studying in the outdated sense of sitting in front of a book and working through exercises.

Actually that's far from how we best learn a language. 

Science has put it black on white that in order to learn a language effectively, a few elements are important. And those elements do not include endlessly conjugating verbs or knowing about Dativ and Akkusativ already in the beginning. 

Common question: will I still learn to speak correctly? Of course you will.

Your brain knows how to learn a language. Let it do its own job. 

Let us show you how. 

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In this webinar we cover

1. The Theory of Universal Grammar
2. The Golden Formula (newest science on how to best learn a language)
3. Myths & Blockages  (because usually it's not about a lack of language skills or "talent")
4. UNUmondo, Our Vision & Methodology
5. Q & A 

No, this is not a sales pitch, this webinar will leave you with lots of insights and AHA moments.
And yes, we show you who we are and how we can support you. Because that's what we love to do and are good at.

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Gather To Belong

Our regular online community gathering. 

Feel heard, understood and empowered in your personal situation when it comes to feeling at home in Switzerland and your German and Swiss German journey. 

Meet other people in a similar situation, hear their stories, share your own if you like and realize you are not alone.

Get inspired and inspire others.  

At the end of each gathering, we coach and mentor one or two people on the spot, regarding their language or general personal situation.

Let's gather! 

Check out the details here.

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Golden Consultation in a group

The life that surrounds you is your best classroom.

There is a ton of things you can do yourself in your life to learn the language more easily. No textbooks, but real life. 

Based on the Golden Formula, we coach and mentor you on your possibilities to learn the language independently in everyday life. 

As humans we have the innate ability to learn language, yet for this ability to take effect, certain specific factors are needed. We put all those factors into one formula, the Golden Formula to effectively learn language. When you become aware of how this formula works - that's what we help you with - you can implement it into your daily life and tremendously boost your language skills. 

If you prefer a 1:1 Golden Consulation, book it right here.

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Language Learning Growth Mindset: Myths & Blockages

“I am just not good at languages. Speaking with mistakes is too uncomfortable. I feel guilty for people having to speak slowly to me. Everybody just always switches to English.”

Sounds familiar? It’s usually not the lack of language abilities that hold us back from improving in the language but more often the fixed mindset that blocks us. 

During this session we will go through the myths and blockages that potentially hold you back from improving and how you can address them to feel empowered again.

New dates will be published in January 2024

CHF 33.- 

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Wellbeing, Integration & Belonging

Learning a language is never just a skill but it improves your life. In what way depends on your specific needs. At UNUmondo we focus on learning the language as a wellbeing aspect. You learn the language to connect to other people, to feel more at home, less foreign, maybe for job reasons or permits. It is not just a skill you put on your CV. 

Particularly, we will discuss upon topics that help us integrate and feel more at home.

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Founder, General Manager
Adviser & Language Researcher

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