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Why You Should Bother Learning Your Local Language

So, you decided to live in a new country. You your stuff has been packed up and shipped over here. You’ve found a great new apartment and have started your new job.

All the pieces are falling into place and it’s time to start living your life. So how do you do that exactly?

At first it’s very exciting. Everything is new and during all the experiences ...

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Here you will find links to all UNUmondo podcasts. We are currently polishing ours and getting them ready for upload.

If you want to gain some useful insights into language learning while practicing your listening skills, check out some of these recommended podcasts:

Echo der Zeit oder allgemein SR


Roger Schawinski und sein Doppelpunkt

ZEIT Wissen

Forschung aktuell

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Flexible Goal Setting Can Keep You Driven Through Difficult Learning Patches

A paradox we all experience is that sometimes life just gets in the way of living.

Think about a time in your life when things got intense. Maybe you just moved house… and there’s a big new client at work… and your best friend’s birthday is in a couple of days. Every day seems just a bit too full and every thought is genuinely important.

What happens to ...

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Similarities between English and German That Can Help You Learn Faster

As both languages share a common root based many hundreds of years ago, you will find a number of words that are very similar if not exactly the same. 

This is also very common amongst Latin based languages such as Spanish, Italian and French, so you might have seen some of these similarities if you’re familiar with those languages.

I love finding the common roots in languages because it ...

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Using The World Around You To Build Your Vocabulary

We hear it a lot: it’s difficult to learn German or Swiss German in Switzerland, because everybody answers in English, everybody speaks English, the jobs are in English and often also the private network. While this is helpful in the beginning, it might be rather frustrating when actually wanting to learn German or Swiss German.

That’s true, it is a lot harder to learn a new language without ...

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