Love German. Find beauty in the language

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Love German. Find beauty in the language

Learning a language is such an intricate, fascinating journey. The first time we acquire a language, our native one, it all happens so natural, simple, and early in our life, that we barely remember anything about it. However, learning a second (or third, or fourth) language is often a much more energy- and time- demanding process. And there are a variety of reasons that can make this experience a very difficult one. But on the other hand, there is one thing that can help you remain motivated and energized. And that’s finding beauty in the language. Even when that language is German, and it seems that you have to look for it high and low. Your learning journey will be so much more enjoyable (and effective!) if you’ll embrace it and approach it with a positive mindset. That’s why today we’ll talk about the importance of finding beauty in German and falling in love with it.

What associations come to your mind when you think about German or Swiss German?

 Is it music, romance, friendship, or laughter? Does it make your heart flutter with the anticipation of sharing your thoughts and feelings in this language? Or do you only think about rules, and exception to rules, cases and declensions, grammar, and mistakes? Do you feel excited? Or fearful and frustrated? We are aware that beauty and joy have always been the biggest factors in intrinsic motivation, and that’s what the UNUmondo method is based on. Just like adopting a new lifestyle, changing your habits, or pursuing a career or life objective, learning German requires long-term drive and perseverance. And that’s only possible if you really enjoy the process and find inspiration in it.

What I’ve personally found most rewarding in learning a new language is discovering new meanings and ways of describing the same reality. German is no exception and if you give it a chance, you’ll discover that, with its seemingly endless compound nouns, weird umlauts, and harsh sounds, it actually is a witty, perceptive, and sensitive language. I’m sure you’ll also fall in love with it and find it so much easier to learn once you understand the respect that this language conveys for mothers (“Mutterschaftsurlaub”), how it longs for faraway places (“Fernweh”), its empathy (“Kummerspeck”) as well as its sense of humour (“Schnapsidee”).

If you’re intrigued, we strongly encourage you to embark on this “Schnitzeljagd” (“treasure hunt”) with our “Love German” series (here on the blog and on Instagram) and find the beauty hidden in this language. Also, keep your eyes and ears open for words with a beautiful meaning or sound whenever you’re listening to a podcast, watching a video or reading an article and please share with us your favorite word(s). I promise that looking at the language in this way will boost your motivation when you’ll feel stuck and help you focus on what you just found out, rather than on what you don’t know yet.